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Play Wear is a small U.K. manufacturer and wholesaler of children's aprons. All our children's aprons are made from premium quality fabrics and come in long sleeves, sleeveless, tabbards and bib style aprons. All our aprons are designed for comfort and ease of wearing.




Long Sleeve

Long sleeve painting aprons

Sizes :- 1-2yrs, 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs and 6-7yrs

Colours:- Red, Yellow, Blue and Green




Pull on Tabard aprons

Sizes :- 2-3yrs, 3-5yrs, 5-7yrs and 7-9yrs

Colours:- Red, Yellow, Blue and Green


Bib aprons

Oil cloth bib aprons

2-3rs and 4-6yrs

Limited supply



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